Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Well Clever!

It’s very easy to forget what Oxfam is all about, but there’s a lot more to the organisation than a string of charity shops and groups of fundraisers. So today we’re taking a look at a project in Bangladesh, which we think is well clever, and dead simple. The Oxfam GB Facebook page (where the photo comes from) explains it really well, so I’m going to quote from there, because I can’t put it any better! 

“You might think finding drinking water wouldn’t be difficult during a flood, but the opposite can be true, with sources contaminated with dirty flood water. That’s why, in Bangladesh, we installed wells high above the flood level, so people have clean safe drinking water, even when extreme weather strikes. Preparing for disaster – sometimes the simplest things can make a massive difference.” 

I know I keep highlighting the need for water, but it is so important, because it is such a life-saver. Oxfam works to provide clean, safe water, for drinking, cooking and washing, in some of the poorest communities in the world. They provide water in areas devastated by natural disasters like floods, droughts, and typhoons. But they also help people living in places devastated by war, like Gaza and Sudan. Oxfam’ work providing clean, safe water not only combats thirst and hunger – it also helps halt the spread of disease. 

Importantly, the charity works with local communities to find practical solutions to the problems they face – like overcoming the difficulties of providing easily accessible clean water in flood-stricken Bangladesh.

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