Saturday, 6 September 2014

Train, Boats and Planes...

This week we have a Transport Table in the Bookshop! Sadly, perhaps, that doesn’t mean the table will whisk you off to distant destinations – though a Star Trek style transporter in the shape of a table would be pretty cool I think, especially for those of us like me who are not good travellers. Actually I’ve always fancied the idea of a magic carpet – the one in Edith Nesbit’s The Phoenix and the Carpet is my favourite, and the idea of travelling on a bed powered by a magical bedknob (Bedknob and Broomsticks by Mary Norton) sounds quite enticing.  

Anyway, I digress, and I dare say carpets, beds and tables would be very uncomfortable modes of transport, so let’s stick to more conventional methods, which is what our current display of books is all about. 

We’ve got dozens of books on boats, planes, trains, trams, cars, bicycles, motorbikes…. Have I forgotten anything? As you can see, these volumes tell you about transport on land, sea and air, and seem to cover everything you’ve always wanted to know about transport old and new, and there are fabulous pictures in some of them of steam engines, vintage cars, sailing ships and canal boats, as well as faster, more modern transportation.

We are very grateful to the man who donated these books (it must have taken years collecting them all) and were amused to see them delivered by van, which seems a very suitable way to deliver books on transport! Anyway, if you’d like to pop in and take a look, we’d love to see you – but you’ll have to be quick, because these books are selling like hot cakes!

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