Sunday, 7 September 2014

It's Quiz Night!

Love this poster from our friends at Oxjam Lichfield, who are so energetic and enthusiastic about raising cash for Oxfam – and seem to have great fun at their events. For those who have never heard of Oxjam, I guess you could call it the ‘musical arm’ of Oxfam. Nationally, it was founded in 2006, with the aim of staging events around the country, run by local volunteers, for local people, showcasing the talents of local musicians while raising cash for Oxfam.  

Oxjam Lichfield hasn’t been going quite that long, and is now moving into its third year, attracting music lovers of all ages and tastes (if you think it’s about young people and pop, that just shows how wrong you can be). So far this year there have been all kinds of events, including informal music sessions in our Bookshop - it’s amazing how many people are prepared to squash themselves into such a small space, all for the sake of good music! 

In addition to the ongoing musical events, last month volunteers organised a raffle at the Beacon Park Fun Day, and in July they undertook a 20-mile sponsored walk, which sounds pretty tough to me (I told you they were energetic). 

And tonight (Sunday, September 7), of course, there’s the fundraising quiz at the Paradise Club in Lichfield, which gets under way at 8.30pm. All the entry money (it’s only £1 a person) will be donated to Oxfam, together with 10 per cent of the bar cut. 

All these activities lead up to the Oxjam Lichfield Takeover Festival on October 18 – I’ll post up some more details nearer the date, but in the meantime you can find information on Oxjam Lichfield’s excellent website, which links into their blog and their Twitter site. And the masses more about Oxjam on the main Oxfam GB website.

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