Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Can you Name the Seven Sins...

We’re proud of our work here at Oxfam Lichfield… And we’re proud of the work undertaken by Oxfam staff and volunteers around the globe… So we felt it was only fitting that ‘our’ Sin was Pride! If you remember, we’ve been displaying lovely shiny trousers and jacket in our Bookshop, along with a matching jacket, and a huge ‘Vote for Me’ rosette, like the ones politicians wear when they’re urging people to vote for them.
The Seven Sins: Pride, Envy, Jealousy, Lust, War, Greed
and Sloth, with the young winner of the competition who
received a prize for himself, and another for his school.
 It was one of the costumes from the Lichfield Mysteries, and was loaned to us for a competition organised by the group who run the unique event. We joined seven other city centre businesses to display one of the outfits worn by The Sins in Doomsday, the last play in the cycle. Visitors had to guess which clothes were worn by which Sins, and there were prizes for getting it right.

Greedt, dressed as a
birthday cake!
Customers kept admiring the glittery bronze garments (just as well they weren’t on show in the Main Shop, aka Brenda’s Emporium, or someone might have sold them!). And people kept asking us to give them a clue about the mysterious identity of the character who wore them. But even we had no idea who the outfit belonged to. 

Anyway, the Big Reveal was on Saturday, when volunteers from the Mysteries (which will be staged again next year) donned the costumes and explained who was who. The costumes were all quite wonderful, and very colourful and imaginative, and some were quite difficult to identify – I liked Greed, dressed as an ornate birthday cake, complete with candles! Anyone who’s ever struggled to get a teenager out of bed would recognise Sloth, still clad in his night attire, wrapped around in his bedding, not bothered about doing anything!  And War, which destroys communities around the world, as Oxfam knows only too well, was an impressive golden warrior. Then there was Envy, Lust, and Jealousy, all looking absolutely magnificent, taking time out to chat to passers-by.

War, looking resplendent in his outfit.
But conflict destroys communities
around around the globe.,
People who stopped by were also asked to write brief details about a mystery in their own lives, and in return those who took part received a little container of free seedlings which could grow into anything at all! This is part of ongoing project, and the mysterious secrets (all disclosed anonymously) will be used in writing workshops run by the organisers.

I wrote about The Mysteries in my last post, and there’s masses of information at the website for the spectacular event, so I’m not going to going over it again. But if you want to get in touch the organisers would love to hear from you – they always need actors, ‘backstage’ people to help with the production, which is staged in the Market Square and the Cathedral, andfundraisers.

As the Mysteries is a community event, and Oxfam is very much a part of trhat community, Chris Hancox, our Bookshop Manager, is hoping we can get involved in a couple more ventures to help promote the traditional drama and, obviously, there will be an element of mystery in whatever we do… More than that we cannot say at the moment… It will just have to remain a mystery until the time comes to tell you!

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