Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Year Resolutions...

Right people, it's the First of January, the month named after the Roman God Janus, who had two heads (back to back) and was therefore able to look backwards and forwards at the same time, to the past and the future, which must have made life jolly confusing. And just think of the barber's bills... Anyway, in addition to being the Guardian of Gates and Doors, he was responsible for beginnings - and what are New Year's Resolutions about if they're not about starting over?
Bust of the Roman God Janus, from the Vatican
Museum. (Courtesy of Wikipedia)
Here at Oxfam Lichfield we've got all sorts of hopes and dreams for the year ahead. We want to make 2014 our best year ever (we're ambitious, but we like to aim high). Over at the Main Shop Brenda and her team of valiant volunteers aim to build on their success of the past year, continuing to attract fabulous donations and wonderful customers so they can raise vital funds for Oxfam's work abroad, and in the UK.

Meanwhile, Our Manager in the Bookshop is planning some special 'Bag a Bargain' bonanzas, which should please book lovers, and Ashley, who heads up the music operation, is hoping that this year will be a record breaker for sales and donations (excuse the rather bad pun there). So, to keep him happy, please keep on donating your unwanted vinyl, CDs and DVDs. We are very grateful for your help, and I know we keep asking for more, but we we have lots of faithful music fans,so records and discs fly off the shelves as soon as we put them out - they really do sell like hotcakes.
Help us make 2014 a record-breaker, pleads Ashley -
he was delighted with these CDs, part of a donation
which arrived just before Christmas
And what about me, I hear you ask.... Well, as I've said on our Facebook Page, and on Twitter, there are times when I feel I am developing a split personality as far as social media are concerned, and get horribly muddled sometimes trying to remember if I am Me or Oxfam, Oxfam or Me...

So, as Me I am trying to stop eating junk food (again - I say this every year) and to do more exercise (I say this every year as well). As Oxfam Lichfield I want to try and get this blog up and running on a regular basis (I know, I haven't done very well so far, but it takes time, and Christmas, and New Year, and family things got in the way). The aim is for us to have a vibrant electronic presence, alongside Facebook, Twitter, the online shop and, of course, the shops!

That's it for the moment folks, but we've got all sorts of ideas simmering away - we just need to turn them from dream to reality! In the meantime may I wish you all a Happy New Year. And do leave a comment to tell us about your Resolutions!

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